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Why become an installer of small-scale renewable energy systems?

The high renewable energy market growth rates experienced in recent years have resulted in an increasing demand for competent specialists able to install faultless and efficient renewable energy systems. As a plumber, electrician or technician for heating or climate systems you are strongly encouraged to undertake specialised training and to join a European team of skilled workforce for the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

By becoming an installer of small-scale renewable energy systems, you will enter a market which is doomed to grow favoured mainly by two determining factors:

  • The rise of fossil fuel prices, and with it the rise of heating and electricity prices, and the increasing awareness related to the consequences of climate change, are driving citizen to ask for the installation of renewable energy systems in their own houses.
  • According to the Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources each EU member state has to reach mandatory targets on energy production from renewable sources by the year 2020.

In light of this situation a high demand of installers of small-scale renewable energy systems in the upcoming years is assured.

Structure of the Install+RES training courses

The Install+RES training courses provide the participants with all the necessary knowledge to become an installer of small-scale renewable energy systems (biomass, solar, PV and heat pumps) in buildings. The courses are performed in several European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland and Slovenia) in languages of the participating country (Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Slovenian).

The courses combine theoretical and practical knowledge, mainly taking place in demonstration facilities and laboratories, where practical work is performed. The qualification as an installer will encompass developed practical skills and a profound understanding of the theoretical backgrounds, ecological and economical aspects and rational use of small-scale renewable energy systems in buildings.

The course provide the participants with practical and theoretical knowledge in order to:

  • fully understand the client’s energy requirement
  • create an individually tailored plan for the client
  • install the equipments and systems to meet the performance and reliability needs of the client
  • incorporate the quality craftsmanship
  • comply with all the applicable codes and standards, including energy and ecolabelling

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The course is completed with an exam leading to a certification or qualification. The examination include a practical assessment of successfully installing biomass boilers or stoves, heat pumps, solar photovoltaic or solar thermal installations. After a successfully passing of the exam, the participant will be certified or qualified as installer of small scale renewable energy systems in buildings.

The qualification/certification is in line with the requirements of the Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.


Who can attend?

The training courses are addressed to installers with working experience, who have undergone, or are undergoing the following types of training:

  1. For biomass boiler and stove installers: training as plumbers, pipe fitter, heating engineer or technical sanitary and heating or cooling equipment
  2. For heat pump installers: training as plumber or refrigeration engineer and have basic electrical and plumbing skills (cutting pipe, soldering pipe joints, gluing pipe joints, lagging, sealing fittings, testing for leaks and installations of heating or cooling systems)
  3. For solar photovoltaic or solar thermal installers: training as plumber, electrician, and have plumbing, electrical and roofing skills, including knowledge of soldering pipe joints, gluing pipe joints, sealing fittings, testing for plumbing leaks, ability to connect wiring, familiar with basic roof materials, flashing and sealing methods
  4. Vocational training scheme to provide an installer with adequate skills corresponding to a 3 years education in the skills referred to in point a), b) or c) including both classroom and workplace learning.


Who offers training?

The Install+RES training courses are offered in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland and Slovenia by experienced trainers for the modules PV, solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass in the national languages (Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Polish and Slovenian). To get to know the training organization in your country please click here.


List of installers

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