Information on the 'train the trainers' courses

The courses are directed at professional training lecturers, who want to perform high quality training courses for installers of small-scale renewable energy applications in buildings. With the “train the trainers” courses, the lecturers have the opportunity to acquire the training skills and the knowledge on the teaching methodology necessary to carry out the training courses for installers.

The teaching materials used during the courses are specially customized to the needs of the participants’ countries. The participants of the “train the trainers” courses are provided with the knowledge on the teaching methodology based on the pedagogical approach combining theoretical and practical knowledge. The course programme is based on the following topics:

  • training objective and target group
  • presentation of the course content
  • “Hands on learning” methodology
  • course time schedule and examination

The first set of Install+RES “train the trainers” course for PV, solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass modules were implemented in Munich in English and German.
Keep checking this website for further information on the next set of “train the trainers” course.

Who can attend?

According to the Annex IV of the European Directive 2009/28 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, the 'train the trainers' courses are offered to professionals who are already experienced in the four technology areas (modules), i.e. photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pump and biomass, and / or have relevant professional experience in accordance with the relevant initial vocational education and training within the dual system (e.g. in Germany).

List of trainers