Project objectives

The objective of the Install+RES project was to establish large scale institutionalized training courses for the qualification of trainers and the certification of installers of small-scale renewable energy systems (biomass, solar, PV and heat pumps) in buildings. The target groups were installers (with working experience as plumbers, roofers or electricians) and trainers (as teachers, engineers and professors). The training courses for trainers took place in Munich, Germany, during the first project period and were offered in German and English languages to the project partners and also to third organisations. The training courses for installers were offered in the second project period in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland and Slovenia in the National languages.
The project has started in May 2010 and ended in April 2013.

Project benefits

The quality and quantity of installed Renewable Energy Systems (RES) should be improved and enlarged by education and training means. Especially the qualification of installers is an important determinant of the quality of RES.
The Install+RES training courses are meant to be an investment for sustainability by evolutionary processes leading  to a high quality of skills. The Install+RES training courses are based on a well-balanced relationship between theory and practice. Therefore, the training courses mainly take place in demonstration facilities and laboratories, where practical work is performed.

Project results

The major outputs and results of the Install+RES project were:

  • Certification of installers of small scale renewable energy systems in buildings including photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, heat pump and biomass technology
  • Qualification of trainers, who have working experience as teachers, engineers and professors in the field of small scale renewable energy systems in buildings
  • To accelerate the deployment of reneweable energy systems (solar thermal, PV, biomass and heat pumps) in buildings

Project partners


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